On January 25th, 2022, Ms. Antoanela Comsa – AREI President and Ms. Voichita Lefter – Secretary General, participated in a meeting with Mr. Radu Mihaiu, Mayor of the 2nd District Hall of Bucharest, and Mr. Cristian Didita, head of mayor’s cabinet. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Mihai Lodoaba, Co-founder at yeParking (parking app).

The first topic approached during the meeting touched upon the urbanistic regulations that involve the application of the nZEB (nearly Zero-Energy Building) standard established by Law 372/2005 on the energy performance of buildings. Another major topic focused on the strategy of approaching the issue of parking in the 2nd District of Bucharest and how the solutions proposed by yeParking app for the public and residential parking may be implemented in the 2nd District and integrated in the general parking infrastructure of Bucharest.