The Association of Real Estate Investors in Romania (AREI) was delighted to host AREI ROUND TABLE – Presentation & Discussion of the New General Urbanistic Plan of Bucharest Proposal. The General Urban Plan of Bucharest (GUP) revision draft is a central topic for the urbanistic context, thus the event served as an occasion to learn relevant insights about the concept of the new Dynamic GUP that will define the city’s development strategy for urban planning in the years to come.

The event was exclusively for the AREI members, with the participation of representatives of the consortium assigned for reviewing the General Urbanistic Plan of Bucharest, led by Mr. Tiberiu Florescu (Professor Arch. PhD), vice-rector of the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. We were also pleased to welcome the representative of the Bucharest City Hall, Mr. Bogdan Cristea, Executive Director in the Urbanism Department, who was present at the event.

Some significant issues approached in the discussion:
✔ the key principles of the “Dynamic PUG” concept, which underpins the new PUG Bucharest;
✔ the databases used in the new PUG proposal’s development;
✔ the strategic pillars approached by the Dynamic PUG with the intention to form an integrated and coherent system of regulations.